“Setting our eyes on the object of our faith is the only way we will endure.” — Trillia Newbell

At TGCW22, Trillia Newbell emphasizes the importance of abiding faith in the life of a Christian. Faith is the foundation of the Christian life, and it’s through faith that we can walk with Christ and obey him. Newbell distinguishes between saving faith (saved by grace through faith) and enduring faith (remaining in Christ), and she encourages us to abide in Jesus by trusting, praying, obeying, and resting in him.

Newbell also discusses the definition of faith and the importance of studying the lives of those in the “Hall of Fame of Faith,” as detailed in Hebrews 11. Ultimately, faith is required to believe in the truth and reliability of the Bible, to trust in God’s salvation through faith, and to maintain a relationship with Jesus.