Front Row Seat: Navigating Sunday Mornings

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As pastor’s wives, we get to live out our unique calling every day, but one of the most significant places we do this is on Sunday morning at church. Maybe you’re in a season with little kids who get sick often—are Sunday mornings at church few and far between right now? Or are you a pastor’s wife in a difficult season where Sunday mornings feel more like work and less like a time of worship?

Wherever you find yourself today, it’s sweet to remember this front-row seat is the high calling of Christ—to serve his church and sacrifice in a particular way. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sunday mornings can be difficult and stretching. And yet we know they’re a privilege from the Lord.

In this episode of Front Row Seat, Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson talk with Jen Carter about the beauties and challenges of navigating Sunday mornings as a pastor’s wife. This conversation offers encouragement to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, clinging to him, as we aim to serve our churches and our husbands well.

Episode time stamps:

  • Introduction to Jen Carter and episode topic (00:00)
  • What is the goal of Sunday mornings? (6:19)
  • Challenges we face as pastors’ wives (7:54)
  • Finding rest on Sunday morning amid busyness (9:11)
  • Combating bitterness (12:28)
  • Practical tips for Sunday morning with kids (16:15)
  • In the shoes of the pastor—prioritizing your husband (18:55)
  • Encouragement for the pastor’s wife in a dry season (22:40)
  • Final thoughts from Kristen and Kari (25:10)
Editors’ note: 

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